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It can be used to control many aspects of the host application, including manipulating user interface features, such as menus and toolbars, and working with custom user forms or dialog boxes.

As its name suggests, VBA is closely related to Visual Basic and uses the Visual Basic Runtime Library.

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VBA7 includes no 64-bit version of the common controls, so it leaves developers with no means to migrate VBA applications to 64-bit.

NET languages, which can be compiled and executed at run-time via libraries installed as part of the standard . Microsoft dropped VBA support for Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac.

With Office 2010, Microsoft introduced VBA7, which contains a true pointer data type: Long Ptr. The 64-bit install of Office 2010 does not support common controls of MSCom Ctl (Tab Strip, Toolbar, Status Bar, Progress Bar, Tree View, List Views, Image List, Slider, Image Combo Box) or MSCom Ct2 (Animation, Up Down, Month View, Date Time Picker, Flat Scroll Bar), so legacy 32-bit code ported to 64-bit VBA code that depends on these common controls will not function.

Using VBA, most of the security features lie in the hands of the user, not the author.

The VBA host application options are accessible to the user.