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Updating air applications

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To check for Mac software updates, open the App Store app on your Mac.

It will remove only app data that it can download again and doesn't remove or relocate any of your data.

If your device still doesn't have enough space, you can use i Tunes to update your device.

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That information, along with your comments, will be governed by DISQUS’ privacy policy.

If you still see one of these messages, try updating your device using another network or update your device with i Tunes.

Once the user downloads the AIR application, the user follows these instructions to install it: In the Mac OS, by default the application is added to the Applications directory.

On Windows and Linux, a user needs administrative privileges.

An application can also install a new version via Action Script or Java Script.

If your device runs out of power, connect it to a power source and turn on the device to let the update or restore complete.

If the update never completes and the progress bar hasn't moved for an extended time, try restarting your device.