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Furthermore, media acts as a crucial watchdog to democratic elections, safeguarding the transparency of the process.

Indeed, a democratic election with no media freedom, or stifled media freedom, would be a contradiction in terms.

This scrutiny is in itself a vital safeguard against interference or corruption in the management or conduct of the electoral process.

The relationship of the EMBs to the media is hence a multifaceted one, including: This brief example from Senegal in 2012 brings to life the roles of media in elections: This election has attested to the proper functioning of the democratic system in Senegal but also confirmed the important role that media can play in regularity, transparency and reliability in the polls.

Journalists went to the polls to report live, interviewing observers, members of the polling stations and the public, to check whether everything was going normally.

They also reported irregularities, fraud and threats of violence to get authorities to respond.

Media and Elections Index Media and Elections Quiz The media are essential to democracy, and a democratic election is impossible without media.

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Discussion of the media's functions within electoral contexts, often focuses on their "watchdog" role: by unfettered scrutiny and discussion of the successes and failures of candidates, governments, and electoral management bodies, the media can inform the public of how effectively they have performed and help to hold them to account.

Groups of thugs who were plotting to disrupt the vote during the first round were arrested after the media reported on it.

And all day long, you had people and political leaders calling the radio and TV stations to tell them about any cases of wrongdoing, so that journalists could fact-check and report.

It is written with a wide audience in mind: EMB commissioners and staff, donors, candidates, governments, students, voters, and members of the media.

The topic area includes an introduction of media’s Core Roles in the context of elections, as well as discussion of human rights and gender considerations.