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Testimonials “I’ve learned how to deal with unhealthy relationships by using the tools (the educators) have given me.

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At the middle school level, this program introduces students to appropriate behaviors in a dating relationship, the differences between flirting and sexual harassment, and the importance of learning to set boundaries.

Our goal in teaching about sexual violence is not to scare students, but to provide them with accurate, necessary information to protect themselves and others from an all-too frequent crime. We educate students about the rate of sexual violence and highlight areas of Connecticut’s sexual violence law that could greatly impact them.

We work to dispel the many myths that exist about sexual violence and rape while providing practical skills for navigating risky situations.

So all in all, this is a wonderful thing you are doing; you have made such an impact in my life.” – High school student “I always thought that someone was jealous about their partner because that person really loves the other person.

But it is not and it does make sense that someone who is jealous could kill someone, or commit suicide.