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the method does not tell whether the first object in the sequence is the oldest or the youngest object.

Kendall (1971) applied multidimensional scaling to the cemetery data of Münsingen.

Hill and Gauch (1980) presented a method to remove this effect.

In 2003, Groenen and Poblome adapted the correspondence analysis algorithm to combine seriation with absolute dates and stratigraphic relationships.

Errors in typology result in errors in seriation: For example, if a certain design style had two peaks in popularity (bimodal distribution), this design style is not appropriate for seriation and its inclusion in the analysis may result in strange results.

Some design styles were used for a very long time as the shape constructed was handy and no improvement or ornament was added.

This is called the arch effect by Hill and Gauch (1980).

Both Kendall and Jensen & Høilund Nielsen (1997) created artificial data sets to show that the parabola results in ideal circumstances.

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The result is not a chronological sequence due to the selection of types, the ordering seems to start with extremely male hoards and ends with extremely female ones. 269) Nowadays, seriation results are no longer produced manually as in Petrie's times but by appropriate algorithms.Initially 60 contexts (called units in Win Basp) were created along with 50 types.The contexts were labeled in chronological order by numbers 01 to 60, the types are labeled in the form T00001 to T00050.Of course, these design styles are not eligible for chronological seriation.For example, knives in early medieval times in Europe are said to show no chronological variation.He found that the graves he was uncovering contained no evidence of their dates and their discrete nature meant that a sequence could not be constructed through their stratigraphy. The assumption that design styles follow a bell curve of popularity – starting slowly, growing to a peak and then dying away as another style becomes popular – provides the basis for frequency seriation.