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One would often contribute an entire chapter or two to the other's book.

Unlike Daley, Luceno had no background in science fiction save for his work on Galaxy Rangers, and he was always eager to receive Daley's manuscripts in order to get tips on writing battle scenes and using science fiction buzzwords.

In addition to his Star Wars writings, Luceno and Brian Daley (under the pen name "Jack Mc Kinney") wrote the novelizations of the Robotech series and the Black Hole Travel Agency series.

They also worked together on Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers.

they broke its storyline down into twelve parts and split up writing duties so that Daley would write the odd-numbered books and Luceno the even.

Both authors would send their work to the other for proofreading, editing, and some rewriting—the two had very different writing styles and hoped to find a singular voice.

Luceno also attended several toy conventions with Macek to discuss the series and the approach that he and Daley should take.

When Harmony Gold asked Ballantine to expand the series from four novels to twelve, the authors found themselves under a very tight schedule, faced with the challenge of writing twelve books in about eight months.

My first novel emerged from journals I kept in my twenties, during 10 years of world travel.

and the show failed to succeed in the toy market or produce sufficient ad revenue to support any additional seasons.

Luceno and the rest of the writers were disappointed, as they felt that the show's premise was innovative and new.

When Daley received insider information about a plot point from 1980's The Empire Strikes Back regarding Luke Skywalker's parentage, he spilled the beans to Luceno before they had a chance to see the movie.

In 1980, they were in Chiapas, Mexico, and they became stranded without food while following a river to some Mayan ruins.