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Don’t sit back and allow your daughter to be indoctrinated into the culture’s current popular thinking by default.

Commit to investing as much time and energy as it takes to train her to counteract the culture with God’s timeless truths.

She will likely get a bad reputation if she does have premarital sex.

One in four sexually active teens gets a sexually transmitted disease every year.

Don’t allow her to date simply for fun or to be able to say that’s she’s going out with someone.

Let her know that dating is not something she should enter into lightly.

Help her understand that immodest clothes send wrong messages to guys and stimulate them to think lustfully toward her.

Let her know why choosing to be modest is a vital part of respecting her dignity as a person.

Let her know that her worth doesn’t equal what she looks like (God is more concerned with her inner heart than her outward appearance), what she does (God cares more about who she is than her accomplishments), or what other people think of her (it only matters what God thinks).

Encourage her to make a personal pledge to God to save sex for marriage, and to seek out friends who have also made such pledges themselves.

Let her know that God created sex as something beautiful to be enjoyed in the confines of marriage, and that if the gift if misused, it can have devastating physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences. Explain to your daughter why dressing modestly is an important way to honor God with the body He has given her.

Let her know that it’s unfair and unreasonable to place the burden of her personal happiness on another person.

Help her realize that healthy marriages include a big dose of reality and require time and hard work from both spouses. Ask God to help you develop a plan for when your daughter becomes old enough to date.