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Casey was eventually allowed to return home on August 21 2008 when a bounty hunter and reality TV star Leonard Padilla posted 0,000 in bail.Padilla hopped Casey would lead police to find Caylee but was disappointed when she failed to provide additional clues.This site records those taken into custody by local law enforcement.Booking information has been collected from the Alamance County Jail system.THE JUDGE who oversaw Casey Anthony's trial has claimed she may have killed her two-year-old daughter Caylee by accident years after she was found not guilty of her child's murder.Casey was acquitted of her daughter's death in 2011 following an infamous trial which gripped America and now former Circuit Judge Belvin Perry Jnr who presided over the trial has said he believes the 30-year-old may have accidently killed her daughter by giving her too much chloroform.

There Casey broke down and told her family that she had left Caylee with the nanny, Fernandez-Gonzalez in Orlando on June 16 and that Fernandez-Gonzalez had kidnapped the toddler.They claimed Casey had used chloroform to render her daughter unconscious before putting duct tape over her nose and mouth to suffocate her and then leaving the body in the boot of her car.Casey's defence, told a different story - claiming Caylee had died in the family's swimming pool on June 16 2008 and George Anthony had covered up the death in order to save his daughter being charged with child neglect.On December 19, these were confirmed to be the remains of Caylee Anthony.The trial of Casey Anthony began in June 2011, three years after Caylee went missing. Casey was painted to be a promiscuous party girl which was not concerned about her missing daughter by the prosecution.He labelled her narcissistic and promiscuous which fuelled public sentiment against her.