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The blonde bombshell, 25, uploaded a short clip later in the morning from the gym, showing she hadn't lost motivation despite suffering.
This is the strange and often sinister world of Live.me, the new chart-topping social networking app that has become a huge hit with children and teenagers in Britain.

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Please note - I posted this under another name on here but i forgot my login info and i cannot find my original story under the username - vinny12331 .

Sorry for the duplicate story if you read this already! Just a little background, My Mom worked 9-5 and my Dad worked weird swing shifts where he would work a different shift each week.

It was a small ma and pa video store but they had a porn room in the back where you could rent porn movies for a price. In the 12th grade only, we were forced to take showers, in this big shower room together and I dreaded it so much.

I used to take home VHS tapes every night and copy them! My room was our whole basement and my parents let me have my own phone line, which was very cool back then. What I didn’t realize until the first time we had to do this,was my cock was much larger then pretty much the rest of the boys!

My first was a 55 yr old married lady that lived only a few minutes away from my house. I always had porn on before they came and I always answered the door naked to break the ice very quickly.

I asked them to not be obvious and park around the block just so my neighbors didn’t think nothing was up. She was into fucking younger guys and she told me she couldn't resist what I had!

I was sort of naive and had never heard of a swinger nor did I know what it was all about. Basically, these newspaper like B/W magazines where full of ads from real people locally just looking to hook up for sex and he showed me the different "lifestyles" and he actually was very cool to explain some of the lingo in the ads.

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They all left phone numbers to call as well in their voicemails.I had always wanted to go to a adult book store since I was like around 15 but I was never old enough too but since I turned 17, I knew I was golden! I started to go to the adult bookstore closest to my house, upwards of 4 times a week.I got to be really good friends with the guy behind the counter, who happened to also be the owner of the place.Their bedroom was right above my bedroom in the basement.I would go right into her bedroom and get a freshly worn pair to lick and taste. I was still hooking up with women and couples during the day on a regular basis.I was very shy and a loner and I couldn’t hook up with any of the girls in high school for the life of me.