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It was estimated in February 2010, that about 550 new residents move to the Downtown area every month.

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What they uncovered was deeply disturbing – a pedophile ring operating semi-covertly within a user-created park known as ‘Wonderland’.

Here people were able to perform in virtual “Age Play” using both children and adult avatars for sexual purposes.

In terms of enhancing sex, these technologies will come to prove themselves quite useful and would be counter-productive if we were to prohibit the use of these technologies to the general public.

The risk of sex crimes being a possible negative implication shouldn’t deter us away from embracing said technologies.

In terms of partaking in “Age Play,” the controversy behind such an act will become all the more complex.

Again, this technology could be used to help enhance “Age Play” between consenting adults by destroying the distance barrier, whereby people will be able to acquire their sexual fantasies by teleporting their avatar to wherever their consenting partner may preside.

Though VR won’t be the only technology that’ll enhance both “Age Play” and pedophilia, rather so will augmented reality (AR).

​ Augmented Reality: AR is another exponentially growing technology that is starting to emerge in society, with the most recent development being Magic Leap whom acquired 2 million in funding by Google just last year.

Just like VR, AR will allow people to partake in sexual ventures with virtual avatars.

Even then, figuring out a way in exposing these pedophiles past the layers of anonymity constructed will prove itself just as difficult as well.

None of what I said, however, should be misinterpreted as advocacy in preventing these technologies from being developed and sold on the market.

Unlike in the physical world, where we can clearly establish a legal boundary line between consenting adults and legitimate pedophilia in regards to “Age Play,” in the virtual world we’re left with the anonymity of avatars, in which is much more difficult in establishing a distinction between harmless “Age Play” and legitimate pedophilia.

Fact of the matter is that we have no idea who is really behind those avatars.