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People that they see frequently in your neighborhood or community, but do not know, may be just as much a stranger as someone they have never met before or have never seen.In fact, statistics show that most child abductions are committed by individuals known in some way to the child.The purpose of role playing is to teach your child how to react when approached by a stranger.You should teach your child to seek help from a trusted adult, like a teacher, police officer or a well-known friend's parent anytime they feel scared or threatened by a stranger.MPS is a powerful new development allowing you to register as a website owner and instantly create a Pay-Per-Minute phone site FREE! Thanks for stopping by to check out Mommy's fun, naughty web page.MILF phone sex with me will take your breath away, I am as naughty, kinky, and taboo as they come.I have never said no, and if I have a chance to teach you something new then Mommy Reva is getting the job done.

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Role play the following encounters and fit the circumstances of your own neighborhood and surroundings: Children waiting for the bus or a ride home While waiting for the bus at school, your child is approached by a stranger and says, "Your mother is sick and she asked me to come pick you up and take you home." "Stranger Danger" Related Resources: Return from Stranger Danger Role Playing Scenarios to Teaching Children about "Stranger Danger" Return from Stranger Danger Role Playing Scenarios to My Child Safety.

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